Photo Credit: Bre Kwatera // This Little Big Life

Photo Credit: Bre Kwatera // This Little Big Life

Hey There!

I’m Jess. Minnesota Story Photographer and Marketing Consultant. Wife. Mama. Dog lover. Musician. Writer. Voracious eater of sushi and pho. Coffee addict. Humanist. Forever chaser of dreams and of a life that includes more time with my people, more travel, and more delicious, real-life stuff.

Storytelling is my jam. I passionately believe that our stories have the power to connect and move us in immeasurable ways. They are what differentiate us and draw us together – each intentional, serving a unique purpose, adding to our human experience and the experience of others infusing us with depth, vibrance, flavor, color.

But what is “life-story” photography? It is just as it sounds. The story of your life, told through images. The big moments. And small, day-to-day moments at home. Your life, beyond the highlight reel. The stuff of memories and everyday magic.

What is “brand-story” photography? The great story behind your brand. Who is the maker behind the product? Who is the artist behind the painting? The farmer behind the produce? We are more than just our products and services. I want to get to the heart of why you do what you do. What makes you different? Who is the human behind the brand? I want to pull the curtain back a bit, tell your story, and help you attract your ideal clients. Are you ready? Let’s do this!